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Host an ABAN Party and become
part of the Fabric of Change

Invite your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. Together you will help empower a young mother to lift herself and her child from poverty while promoting sustainability in Ghana.

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Party with a Purpose

We will send you everything you need to host your own ABAN party, and our amazing staff and volunteers will gladly walk you through the process of making your party an event to remember. By partying with ABAN, spreading the word and using your ABAN products, you are making a lasting impact in the life of a hardworking young mother. The results will affect generations to come.

Have another cause that’s near and dear to your heart? No problem.
Host an ABAN party and fundraise for your own cause as well

Four Easy Steps to Hosting an ABAN Party

Get Inspired

Learn about the ABAN mission and how we got started. Get to know the mothers whose lives you’ll be changing. Check out our FAQs to read about the experiences of other people who have already hosted a party. And as always, feel free to contact us directly with any questions you might have.


Sign up! A knowledgeable ABAN representative will walk you through the entire party-planning process. Look out for your ABAN Party Kit in the mail. It will be arriving shortly. It includes invitations, sample products, thank-you notes, and other promotional materials to ensure a smooth and successful event.


This is where the fun starts. You decide on the location, invite your friends, and use your superb party-planning skills to make your ABAN party unique to you. We will help you with the rest. Your ABAN representative will be there each step of the way and can even provide you with fun game ideas and Ghanaian recipes!


Party with a Purpose! Enjoy our great excuse to catch up with friends. Change a life as you entertain your guests, spread the word about ABAN, and be a part of the ABAN Fabric of Change. We know you’ll make a great host! You’ll be rewarded with a special gift from ABAN or you can donate a percentage of sales for your own cause.



How do I get Started?

Browse our website to get familiar with ABAN and learn more about the young mothers who will benefit from your party. Ready to be a part of the Fabric of change? Great! All you have to do is register! Your ABAN representative will contact you shortly and walk you through the process of creating a memorable and life changing party.


Can I host a party even if I don’t know much about ABAN?

Of course you can! Hosting an ABAN party is a great way to get involved and learn more about the work ABAN is doing. We will provide you with all the tools you need to plan, coordinate, and host a successful and stress-free party. In addition to the Party Kit, your ABAN representative will is there to help you along the way and answer all of your questions.


Could an ABAN representative come to my party?

We would love to be at every party! But, due to time and money constraints, we can only make it to some local (Chapel Hill) parties and large conferences or corporate events. We know that you are going to a great job in our stead and we will provide you with all the resources you need to represent ABAN and host a great party! Think your party might be an exception? Please email us so we can talk about this possibility.


Where do I host an ABAN Party?

You can host an ABAN party anywhere! Typically, an ABAN Party is held in a host’s home, place of worship, or other community space, with a guest list that includes friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. From potlucks to wine tastings, barbeques, block parties, and fashion shows – we’ve seen it all! You can feel free to customize your ABAN Party to your own taste.


How long does an ABAN Party last?

We’ve found that 2 hours is an adequate amount of time for a party, and that weekend afternoons or weekday evenings tend to receive the best turn out. But, keep in mind your guests and the atmosphere you imagine for the event.


What will I get in the Party Kit?

All sorts of goodies! In the kit, there will be a sample of each product, a DVD of our latest documentary, invitations, thank-you notes, and other promotional materials to ensure your ABAN party goes smoothly.


If the Party Kit only contains a sample of each product, how will my guests buy ABAN products?

Your guests will order from our online shop. You will receive a special coupon code that they can use for free shipping right to their house. (This also helps us know which orders were made at your party!)


Do I have to return the Party Kit?

Yes, we will return you a return shipping label in the kit so there's no expense on your end.


Do I have to pay anything up front?

We place a $1 hold on your credit card up front as insurance for the Party Kit. This allows us to temporarily hold your credit card information until the complete Party Kit is returned to us. Don’t worry – as soon as the Party Kit gets back to our office, we will refund your dollar!


What about shipping products?

Shipping is free within the USA and ABAN will ship purchases directly to your guests! For addresses outside of the USA the cost of shipping is not included and will be determined at checkout.


Are there any host perks?

Yes! ABAN is so grateful to every person who takes the time to host an ABAN Party - we know that it takes work on your part, and we would love to thank you by sending you a coupon or an exclusive host gift.


How do I fundraise for my own cause?

What’s great about fundraising with ABAN is that you’re able to raise money for your own cause or organization using our products. You can choose what kind of fundraiser you want to have, or throw a house party, and we’ll share the profits from sales with your organization of choice. Whether you’re fundraising for a service trip or another good cause, we can make an impact together.