2015 Annual Report

A Ban Against Neglect

Change a Life

A Ban Against Neglect ends the cycle of poverty among young mothers in Ghana and empowers them toward the restoration of self, their communities and the environment

Help ABAN Evolve

Every investment you make changes lives

500K Water Sachets Recycled

Next Stop: 1 Million

In a Nutshell

ABAN is a non-profit dedicated to empowering young mothers
in Ghana by selling unique, handmade products from recycled materials

Community Employment

ABAN Community
Employment (ACE)

Our full-time, skilled local tailors &
seamstresses sew our products by hand

Bags, Purses, Totes!

Bags, Purses,
& Totes — Oh my!

We recycle plastic bags & glass bottles
to make our fun, colorful bags & jewelry

ABAN School

ABAN Women’s

Proceeds fund our two-year entrepreneurship &
vocational training program for young mothers

The Fabric of Change

What began as a class project to start a non-profit recycling plastic street
waste became a shelter and community for young mothers in Accra

ABAN co-founders Becca, Emmanuel, and Callie

Letter from the founders

While studying entrepreneurship in Ghana, it wasn’t long before we realized tackling the environmental epidemic wasn’t as urgent as the 60,000 children who slept homeless on the streets of the capital every day. So we started ABAN to solve both problems.

Your purchase provides these children and their young mothers with shelter & support, with hope & education, helps move them off the street and cleans up the environment.